The science of milk in coffee…

The science of milk in Coffee…

“No other substance on the planet behaves like milk does”. Welcome to my first blog blog post! The above quote was overheard on Radio Kerry one day last summer. I was intrigued. I am not going to over elaborate on milk and its relationship with coffee as I am not really a nutrition scientist or whatever that person is haha – however beyond the obvious “niceness” of milk & coffee there is clearly some reactions occurring when the both are mixed…

Let me explain…..

During my early days of roasting & experimenting with coffee it was notable how different components/qualities of the coffee were accentuated when milk was added. For instance with one particular coffee I found that those nutty/chocolate tones were really accentuated when milk was introduced…Of course those qualities are inherent in the bean however they only really became noticeable when milk was added.

Anyways, long story short….I was intrigued by this and I was wondering what exactly was going on. Then a few days later that quote came on the radio “No other substance on the planet behaves like milk does”. So there you go – as I said at the start I am not qualified to go into to much detail of what is actually going on – what I do know is that with the addition of milk the whole complexion of the cup changes.

“No other substance on the planet behaves like milk does”….

overheard on Radio Kerry

Anyways, if you are reading this just keep an eye on the next time you use milk with your coffee (or anything) and see if you notice changes in taste or whatever else. Also there may be something going on that I am missing and if there is anyone reading this that knows more about milk than I do then please leave a reply below…. I have attached some links below that may be of interest to you..

Hoping to update this more into the future with interesting stuff..


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